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History of Baccarat

History of Baccarat as the Oldest Card Game – The history of the game of baccarat is quite a long history, even baccarat from the past until now is very popular among betting lovers. Many say that the game is a very easy game but also very profitable just like other card games Trusted online casino malaysia.

The game of baccarat is also called a special game and has even existed since the 15th century until today. Even in Las Vegas, it has been played using advanced technology and stunning live dealers. Even recently, baccarat can be enjoyed online, so bettors from all walks of life can play it.

Baccarat Historical Confusion

The History of Baccarat as the Oldest Card Game

Although this game is one of the most popular and oldest card games in the world, its history is still considered unclear because it has many versions. The first records of this game of baccarat date back to the 19th century, so all information about the history of the game is purely theoretical.

According to valid sources, baccarat is a derivative of a game that does not use cards, for example, Chinese Pai Gow.

The game uses blogs or tiles, so why is the game of baccarat associated with the game from China? This theory is based on the fact that there is a relationship between the meaning of the word Pai
Gow with the highest score from the game of baccarat itself.

But unfortunately, this cannot be proven as history because other theories are also based on the number 9. There are also those who say that the history of baccarat originated in ancient Rome and the ritual was when a virgin required to roll the dice to determine his fate.

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When rolling the dice and getting the number 8 or 9 it can symbolize a high position or high priestess. Then when the dice fall on the number 6 or 7 it symbolizes the position that is revoked and the other numbers mean that the girl must die and drown in the ocean Dominoes Trusted Online Casino Malaysia.

Despite having similarities through the number nine with these various games and rituals, there is still no definite answer as to why baccarat uses cards instead of dice. So that the 2 histories associated with baccarat are considered to be still confusing or do not have strong evidence.

Beginning of Baccarat Game

That is why many are curious about the history of the game of baccarat because there are many stories associated with the game. As for the card game on the table or baccarat as you know. encountered in casinos, was first described in a French script in 1330. So at that time there was no printing press so card games were not a popular activity.

Usually the card must be painted or printed using a wooden block first as a stamp and then placed on the card. Until finally the Chinese technique used for Pai Gow was introduced by Marcopolo in Italy at the end of 1290.

After printing began to be created, card games became common and quite popular. At first the cards were printed in sets of 78 cards and were known as the devil’s picture books.

Then the card game containing 78 cards began to be available in many places so that’s where the game of baccarat is considered to have been created from France. Until finally baccarat itself became known as a French game.

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There are even several versions of Baccarat which were very popular and made casinos illegal in 1837. So it is the same with other card games because in the past Baccarat was also played in casinos as a game that involved betting. So the history of the game of baccarat is believed to have come from France.

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